Monday, 15 October 2012

How to make Blogger sticky post using a gadget

Found an interesting blog how to make blogger sticky  thinking this might be useful if I cant find another way to make the overview on each blog the landing page, at least I could keep the overview at the top :D but not on every single page

Monday, 3 September 2012

Styling pages individually

Found a useful page on styling pages individually like we wanted.

III. Styling pages individually
(added Oct. 2010)
Using the static_page conditional tag as explained above will apply the styling on all static pages. Now what if you want to style only one page. Let’s say for instance you want to change the background color of your About Me page to pale green, while leaving all other pages as they are. Can you do that?
Yes you can, and it’s easier than you might think.
Go to Postings > Edit Pages and select the About Me page.
Switch to HTML mode.
Insert you CSS code on top of the page content, like so:

<style type="text/css">

.content-inner {background-color: palegreen;}



Yes, you don’t need any conditional tag. This code only resides inside that one page, therefore it won’t affect other pages.


So was wondering if we could insert columns and stuff xD

Monday Bacon n Eggs, or barramundi

Friday Corn

Right-o, not a bad turn out for Friday Corn last week. Today is Monday Bacon n Eggs. 12-1pm.

At Friday Corn we all looked at the Google Reader for the powerful information management tool it is. For those of us using Reader now - there aint no-one more informed on what's happening nationally, and territorially across the inter-webs. We also looked at Google+, for the program managers interested in using Circles and Hangout to communicate with their participants. And most valuable of all, we all got to know each other a bit better, while we chomped down on beautifully roasted corn, and swigged ginger beer.

Check out the Hangout video of some of us at Friday Corn.

Now, today being Monday, we do Monday Bacon n Eggs. Another fun, regular, food oriented, get to know each other and the tools we plan to use for online work in 2013. But instead of bacon and eggs, we're cooking fresh caught, wild barramundi! Jon, Garry and Leigh went fishing with Greg Peckham and his mate Chippy on Sunday, so today we're cooking the catch! Come to the barbicuearea in the court of Blue 1, anytime between 12-1pm. Bring your laptop and/or mobile, and be ready to talk tech, teach and possibilities.

BTW, check out the Wikipedia link for barra to see how famous Garry is getting in all this.

Here's a video Leigh whipped up on his phone on the way home from the trip: In The Deep Darkness, Jon caught a fish.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Printing in Colour from Google Docs

Just discovered a little hiccup when printing from Google Docs to our local (NT DET) printer. Even though the color option might be selected in the Print dialog (as displayed below) you also need to click on Print using system dialog in order to first check on the printer defaults because if they are set for black and white that will override.

PLOD: Author, share documents in Google Docs and Drive

Our badge for
Author, share documents in Google Docs and Drive
At tomorrow's PLOD (Professional Learning for Online Development) we're looking at authoring and sharing documents in Google Docs and Drive.

In this session we will:

  1. Access Google Docs and Drive 
  2. Import and create a document on Google Docs
  3. Uploading, sharing and publishing files from Google Drive
  4. Working with Open Document Formats across MSOffice, Open Office and Google Docs
  5. Installing the Google Drive App on a smartphone and a tablet


Thursday, 16 August 2012

Requesting guest access to Eduroam

Just requested my first 2 guests to have access to Eduroam through CDU's eCentre. Is a pretty lengthy form, with Date of Birth even.. I felt too rude asking for DOB, so I estimated. Will let you know if it takes more than a week.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Badge concepts

In the plan for Professional Learning for Online Development, we mention Open Badges as a way to show achievement and progress, and to help with motivation and transferability of skills. plus, open badges are a growing trend that we want to be across here in the eTeam.

Here's a sketch for badges for the skills we have in the plan (we've added one here though, News is not included in the plan)

Google Drive & DET Network

We got there! (with a lot of assistance from James Vreeling & Robert Kennedy)

While connected to the NT DET network Google Drive now downloads properly & installs a local folder on your local hard drive -- pretty much in the same way as DropBox works. All proxy issues now seem to be solved. So, you can now drag & drop multiple files into folders as an alternative method to using the web-based upload interface. It just takes a few minutes to first sync.

Download Google Drive

Manage a Google Apps user account

The badge for Managing a Google User Account
Last week, a small group of us came together for the first PLOD (Professional Learning for Online Development) to work out how to connect to CDU wireless. CDU sent 2 lovely fella along to help us. We reckoned EduRoam is the go.. and the screen grabs for doing it are in the post from last week (Thanks Emma).

This week, we're skipping Using a Browser, and going straight for Managing a Google Apps User Account. I'm referring to the Professional Learning for Online Development plan btw, where we have laid out all the skills, tasks and sorts of learning events that are needed to get good with the range of tools and systems we are deploying for Online Development into 2013. Comments and suggestions to these plans are very much encouraged.

  1. Everything relating to these plans are here.
  2. Our calendar for Professional Learning for Online Development

So, Managing a Google Apps user account. We've broken this down to 4 areas:
  1. Sign in and Email
  2. Calendar
  3. Google+
  4. Google reader
This day, we covered all but Google Reader. We'll review that and the others next week.

But first, an overview:

  1. Here's the Google Apps info pages
  2. Here's a 2007, but still relavent video (2 minutes)
  3. Here's a presentation on Why Google Apps is good for education (10 minutes)
  4. And here are some criticisms of Google Apps

NB. We're not touching Google Sites because they can't be backed up easily. Instead of Google Sites. we're using Blogger - which can be backed up easily.

Signing in and email



Google Reader

Next week...

For now:

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Connecting to wireless


Windows XP to Eduroam

Mac to CDU Staff

Windows 7 to CDU Staff

iPhone/iPad to eduroam