Sunday, 29 April 2012

Kakadu banners

Went fishing in Kakadu with Jon yesterday. Came back with 6 barra, and these banners:

Cliffs over East Alligator River
Jabaluka Cliffs
Jabaluka roadside
Jabaluka cliffs
East Alligator River
Ocred Trees
Flood depth (title text needs to change to lighter colour for this one)
East Aligator River
Flood plains

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


And I thought I'd chuck something up on the Contacts page. Let's see what the others do on this page before we decide on any sort of standard approach...

Our calendar

Hmm, interesting. I just embedded the calendar for our activities, that is we three in Online Development. Not sure how we'd use such a thing, but already I see potential for a kind of projects management over view... so for the mid to long term projects we're working on, we add them in as whole-day, over consecutive days, so as to get the timeline; and for meetings and events, we add them in on the day and within the time they're on.. not sure, but it seems like a good way to present out what we're working on...

Territory theme

I have been playing with some template colour schemes. Our original concept was to go with a Territory number plate feel. Keeping with the Territory theme, I have found the exact RBG colours of the Northern Territory flag and tried applying that to the template. Below is a comparison open for discussion. I believe the Territory colours are stronger, leaving the old scheme seem a bit washed out in comparison, but perhaps people find the strong orange colour too harsh on the eyes? Thoughts welcome.

Northern Territory flag colours
 Original choice in colours

Monday, 23 April 2012

Customising Google Docs in websites

A quick search for tips on how to embed (iframe) google docs into websites, and then force that iframe to adopt the style sheet of the hosting website:

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Remove the Navbar

All Blogger sites usually have a Navbar across the top. It includes features like a search box, shortcut to signing in and a shortcut for adding a new post. I've removed it however, to help make the site look more independent from the Blogger engine, and free up a little bit of screen. It seems to look better. Instructions on how to remove the Navbar here.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

To embed the course outline or not?

We have the course outline in Google Docs. It is easy to maintain there, and if we embed it on sites, then updates need only happen once, and they automatically happen everywhere the outline is embedded. But embedding is done by the iframe tag. This tag is not supported by all browsers, and so some people may only see empty white space. There may be ways around this problem, but right now it's too bigger problem for us to go ahead with the iframe embed. So copy pasting will have to be it. This may mean double handling, but for a document that only gets updated once a year, it isn't really a big problem. We can easily link out to the live Google Doc version anyway.

The program outline

The plain language outline copy pastes pretty nicely from Google Docs into this page. Emma tried embedding it with an iframe so that updates need only happen in one place. The basic iframe didn't present too well, and we need to learn code to scale the display box according to the browser and device being used. So far a straight copy past works better, so long as the double handling on updating the outline doesn't become an issue. The benefit of the two copies is that while the master is undergoing review and changes, the second copy here remains stable.

Google Sites or Blogger?

After mush deliberation over Google Sites and Blogger, Leigh and I have decided Blogger offers a little bit more customisation. The HTML code is easier to edit, although I have experienced some problems with Blogger crashing during a save. It hasn't really mattered, as I've only been copying and pasting template code, but I can imagine it could get irritating if I was directly editing.
When I'm in the new interface editing code, for some reason I get the error bX-sq617g which I cant select and copy from the error window and when I Google it, nothing comes up, so apparently I would have to contact Blogger with this code and then they may be able to help. Fortunately I found to edit template code I have to be in the old Blogger interface to avoid the error.
Working with Google Sites and Blogger at the same time, I did find myself getting a little confused between the two. Some elements are in strange places, such as Blogger has an issue with its Pages existing in a layout (even though you cant see the widget anywhere?!?!?) until I realised under Pages in a different section I had to select "show pages in tabs" from a drop down menu that was not obvious immediately.
Right up the top right hand corner of the window was a button to save my configuration that if I didn't click it and closed the window the setting wouldn't take and I wasn't prompted to save when closing the window or navigating elsewhere. All in all I've found Blogger to do the job intended, aside the few minor bugs and user friendly issues.
Stay tuned for more information...