Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Territory theme

I have been playing with some template colour schemes. Our original concept was to go with a Territory number plate feel. Keeping with the Territory theme, I have found the exact RBG colours of the Northern Territory flag and tried applying that to the template. Below is a comparison open for discussion. I believe the Territory colours are stronger, leaving the old scheme seem a bit washed out in comparison, but perhaps people find the strong orange colour too harsh on the eyes? Thoughts welcome.

Northern Territory flag colours
 Original choice in colours


  1. I much prefer the Territory Flag theme, both for its stronger look, and for its direct association with the Territory. Did you do the visited link colours as well? Let's apply it to them all.

    1. I did, mainly because visited links colour before was blue, so now I've made it to the light orange colour. I'll apply it now.

  2. I also prefer the NT colours - its stronger & clearer

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