Thursday, 3 May 2012

Moodle on its way

I just put in a request for Moodle courses to be set up for 12 CSLLD 'courses', including one for us here at Online Learning.

The process is easy, but not instant.

There is an online form that sends a request to DET's administrator for Moodle, here:

That form asks the administrator to set up a 'sandpit' course, that is hidden from the DET course directories and what not. When the sandpits are set up, we go ahead and develop them up, and when ready, request that they be moved into the main DET course directory.

I phoned up the admin (Liliana at ICT4Learning) to see if I needed to fill out the form for each of the 12 course sandpits I wanted. She advised to just list them in the description box, and she'll set them up from there. She also advised that it may take a day or two for her to get to the request.

So, where to from here?

Blogger sites

The idea is that the course websites that we're setting up on Blogger, become the public facing, and most used aspect of the courses. It is where news and announcements get posted, as well as the calendar for the course, the course overview, and current progress notes. Also included (where appropriate) are links to things like an open access email list for the course, and extra resources such as a youtube channel, a list of key Wikipedia pages, as well as Wikibooks and Wikiversity resources.

Moodle sites

The Moodle sites link back from the course websites. They are very light weight spaces that provide a synopsis to the course, a link to the course website, private discussion forums, restricted access resources when necessary, and a private assignment submission space.

As soon as the courses come online, I'll go into each of the Blogger sites and link them up.

Domain and sub domains

We need to resolve the domain and sub domain mapping very soon.


  1. This will provide us a much better -- & integrated -- opportunity for getting some consistency across the Moodle courses & might stimulate a richer online experience for those who sign up to the courses

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