Thursday, 3 May 2012

A problem managing the domain

This issue was solved. Gaining access to the cPanel, and into the CName, solved everything. Jon will prepare a walk though of the process.

We're having issues managing our domain.

The cPanel that our host set up for us, can't be accessed from behind a proxy Internet connection, such as CDU or DET computers. So we'll need to use our private 3G or home internet when mapping the domain and sub domains. But that may not be the end of the issue, because we had someone at our host try to help us set up mapping to a subdomain and we can't seem to work it out!

It should be very straight forward, so hopefully when we get time to access the cPanel ourselves, we'll nut this out.


  1. So now, it looks like we might have cracked it. Managed to login to CPanel outside the firewalls of CDU & DET. But things are not always as intuitive as they could be. Also not clear what the difference between a CNAME & A record are. We've now set up multiple CNAME records that map the Google Sites service to multiple subdomains:

    Also, looks like may be a reserved A Record. It is not displaying in the subdomain list in CPanel. Nor is which we just created. SOme A Records were created in the form:

    but we deleted these in CPanel along with other subdomains like

  2. I reckon we create instead Jon. Also, thinking on a name change from Online Learning, to Online Development. Emma agrees, so if you also agree, can you jump back in and create a CNAME for

  3. Ok. Can you explain rationale for why we should have a CName record for email? It may be potentially confusing given that the default address for incoming mail will be mail.cslld

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