Thursday, 28 June 2012

Calendar problem

I've discovered a little problem with the calendars we have for each of the programs. People other than Jon, Emma and Leigh do not see all the other calendars, despite those calendars being public and available to everyone in the CSLLD domain. Here, look:

This is my view
This is Karen's view
I'm sure there's just a button somewhere I haven't clicked, but darned if I can find it. Notice how Karen can see the CSLLD calendar? When I go into the settings of that one, I notice that everyone in the CSLLD domain has been added to the list of people who can see and edit this calendar. Jon and I can't clearly remember how that list got there, but I think it is automatic, because new accounts are in there, and I'm pretty sure we didn't add them manually. At least I hope we don't have to.

So I looked at Google Apps Calendar settings and I can't see anything:

All I can see is this general setting
So the hunt is on for the hidden button that enables all calendars to be included in all CSLLD user accounts. I'll buy a chocolate for the first person who works this beast out.

Friday, 22 June 2012


Emma set the CNAME records for subdomains from home today, because we aren't able to access the CPanel from NTG or CDU networks.

I applied the subdomains onto the program sites:
  6. (we haven't applied this one because it is probably using a different domain)
Unfortunately we messed up the creation of orientation, research and elearning and even after deleting and recreating them, we haven't been able to apply them to the related sites. I suspect deleting subdomains isn't a real DELETE...

Emma suggested a work around of exporting the site and recreating it, but this means loosing all the statistical data, authorship records, and applying the sub domain still doesn't seem to work. I suspect this is the same issue that Jon had with the Mentors domain..

We'll probably just have to create new subdomains if we can't work out why they won't go down on the sites.

UPDATE 25 June 2012:
The solution turned out to be, deleting the CNAME record and recreating it with the domain host, and then re-adding it to the Blogger site.

Program Blogs

Program managers have been added to the program blogs.

  1. Research
  2. Preparation for School Leadership
  3. Online Development
  4. Centre for School Leadership, Learning & Development
  5. NT Mentors
  6. Coaching
  7. Principal Orientation
  8. Cultures of Collaboration
  9. Highly Accomplished Lead Teachers
  10. Early Career Principals
  11. School Leaders in the Making
  12. Arriving in the Territory
  13. Thriving in the Territory
I see that we need one for Literacy and Numeracy however! Did we miss that, or has Emma just not added me to it?

Monday, 18 June 2012

CPanel not accessible on NTG or CDU

The CPanel from Captovate that we use to manage domain names and sub domains is not accessible on NTG or CDU networks. This means we'll have to tetther to phones or connect to 3G when we need to gain access to CPanel. :(

DET Email doesn't like Google Short URLs

I've discovered that NTG DET email will not deliver email containing Google Shortened URLs. It doesn't even make it to spam, it just bounces it. I haven't tested other URL shortening services, but am assuming the same.

Sourcing RSS Feeds

We've compiled a list of RSS feeds for anyone working or interested in the education sector, especially in the Northern Territory. RSS feeds make tracking a wide spectrum of news and commentary much easier, by bringing all new items into one single space for you to review.

Download this OPML file and import it into your preferred RSS reader. They'll all be there, and you'll never miss a beat again.. so long as you remember to look at your RSS reader.

Feeds included:

Government and political feeds
DEEWR Ministers

Minister for Education, Peter Garrett
Shadow Minister for Education, Chris Pyne

Resource and initiative feeds
Bullying No Way
School Funding News
eGovernment Resource Centre
Public Sector Innovation Toolkit
Innovations Ministerial News

Charles Darwin University News
The Centre for School Leadership, Learning and Development
Online Development at CSLLD
Research at CSLLD
Coaching at CSLLD
Cultural Awareness at CSLLD

Media Feeds
Youtube videos about schooling in the Northern Territory
Youtube videos about Learning on Country

Stephen Downes
Leigh Blackall

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Who's up and running?

On Google:

Jon - Drive, email, calendar, plus, reader, blogger, hangout
Emma - Drive, email, calendar, plus, reader, blogger, sites, picasaweb, hangout, mobile, forms
Leigh - Drive, email, calendar, plus, reader, blogger, sites, picasaweb, bookmarks, hangout, groups, mobile, forms
Karen - Drive, email, calendar, blogger, groups, sites, hangout
Donna - Drive, email, blogger, plus, hangout
Lynette - email
Elizabeth - email, drive, plus, calendar, getting to know blogger
Nicky - email, calendar, plus, picasa

We need badges

TRIPS will trip you

Looks like TRIPS has only been developed with Internet Explorer in mind!

other dingo

Dingo suite

Bigger font

Bigger fonts

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Logo concepts

Still hitting a bit of a brick wall with this ones, but here's some ideas, thoughts please :D

bit of a dingo theme :D

progression of a thought

Developing a neater calendar

As you can see the current calendar is quite hard to follow. It has been a struggle to find a way to present this much information on one calendar, but I think I'm getting close. Thoughts welcome.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Coaching about to start

Karen is facilitating the Coaching course, where the content is being delivered by Growth Coaching in WA.

  1. We have setup a website with a subdomain:
  2. There is also a Google Group discussion forum at:
  3. And there is a resource repository developing on Google Drive

Karen is new to managing these channels, as are the people in WA. There are 23 people doing the course, with 2 people from CSLLD among them: Donna and Anna. With everyone being new to this, and going into it without a lot of practice, there is a small risk that things could get confused. Karen is confident though, and is even keen to reach further and open communication channels on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter! I said woo nelly, one thing at a time.. she sulked, but agreed to relative simplicity for now.

We decided to use Google Groups because we thought email forums could be a reliable base level of communication for most people. The website is a central place with a more wider public audience in mind, but importantly a place where everyone can come back to if they are attempting the courses. Google Drive is being used as a content repository, and presents quite nicely to those with the link.

All going well over the orientation period, where Karen is planning to do a ring around to help people into these channels, we will establish other channels if people in the group are interested, such as Facebook etc. For now, we're waiting and seeing how this all goes.


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Google Drive issues

It looks like there are a number of issues on the NT DET network with using Google Drive at the moment - probably all to do with the fact that the DET firewall currently blocks Port 993, which Google makes use of when configuring Outlook as a client for GMail:
  1. Downloading Drive does not complete, even though the Web interface indicates that it is - really just the same os Google Docs. But a drag-&-drop icon is not installed on the desktop.
  2. I successfully downloaded Drive on my home (Bigpond) network & recently deposited files on the desktop icon for Drive but was surprised when looking for these files at work. Last night I checked & even though my ID was consistent I've needed to share it with myself to be able to view it!
  3. Uploading files does not work on the DET network -- yet.
So, at least 3 good reasons for requesting Port 993 to be opened