Friday, 8 June 2012

Coaching about to start

Karen is facilitating the Coaching course, where the content is being delivered by Growth Coaching in WA.

  1. We have setup a website with a subdomain:
  2. There is also a Google Group discussion forum at:
  3. And there is a resource repository developing on Google Drive

Karen is new to managing these channels, as are the people in WA. There are 23 people doing the course, with 2 people from CSLLD among them: Donna and Anna. With everyone being new to this, and going into it without a lot of practice, there is a small risk that things could get confused. Karen is confident though, and is even keen to reach further and open communication channels on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter! I said woo nelly, one thing at a time.. she sulked, but agreed to relative simplicity for now.

We decided to use Google Groups because we thought email forums could be a reliable base level of communication for most people. The website is a central place with a more wider public audience in mind, but importantly a place where everyone can come back to if they are attempting the courses. Google Drive is being used as a content repository, and presents quite nicely to those with the link.

All going well over the orientation period, where Karen is planning to do a ring around to help people into these channels, we will establish other channels if people in the group are interested, such as Facebook etc. For now, we're waiting and seeing how this all goes.


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  1. Good work Karen you are doing great job and I am impressed by your effort, the overall idea and plan is absolutely impressive and you must go with it, I am sure you will get success through this plan, provide education and awareness to the people is difficult because I have some experience in this field before working at work experience credits where I offer work experience degree to the people I was helping people on the Google groups and forums, these are most effective platforms from where every person can ask about their queries, yes social media platform like Facebook, twitter are best resources nowadays.