Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Google Drive issues

It looks like there are a number of issues on the NT DET network with using Google Drive at the moment - probably all to do with the fact that the DET firewall currently blocks Port 993, which Google makes use of when configuring Outlook as a client for GMail:
  1. Downloading Drive does not complete, even though the Web interface indicates that it is - really just the same os Google Docs. But a drag-&-drop icon is not installed on the desktop.
  2. I successfully downloaded Drive on my home (Bigpond) network & recently deposited files on the desktop icon for Drive but was surprised when looking for these files at work. Last night I checked & even though my ID was consistent I've needed to share it with myself to be able to view it!
  3. Uploading files does not work on the DET network -- yet.
So, at least 3 good reasons for requesting Port 993 to be opened


  1. I'm preferring to use the web based upload to Drive anyway. I have the app on my phone which works well, but when it comes to my computer, much prefer the web based interface. The Drive client is too automated for my liking, and even though I have it on my home computer, I just never tend to use it...

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