Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Logo concepts

Still hitting a bit of a brick wall with this ones, but here's some ideas, thoughts please :D

bit of a dingo theme :D

progression of a thought


  1. Too busy I reckon Emma. Reckon go with CSLLD as the only text, into a logo like BMW, BP, ASP and others that use only the letters. Some don't even use the letters, like CBA for example. This concept can't be scaled small enough to be effective online in profile images and web icons. The dingo is better I reckon. Will you post that for comment?

  2. Yeah definitely not working. I don't have the dingo on this computer, but will put up later. I have done some concepts with just CSLLD but they look pretty bad still. I'll focus on making that work, maybe even try some more dingo's, but I think we're going to have a hard time getting people to accept the dingo, no matter how good I make him look :'(

  3. I really like the dingo.. and not because I suggested it. It is just more thought provoking I reckon

  4. I really like it too, we'll have to see how we go ;)

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