Monday, 18 June 2012

Sourcing RSS Feeds

We've compiled a list of RSS feeds for anyone working or interested in the education sector, especially in the Northern Territory. RSS feeds make tracking a wide spectrum of news and commentary much easier, by bringing all new items into one single space for you to review.

Download this OPML file and import it into your preferred RSS reader. They'll all be there, and you'll never miss a beat again.. so long as you remember to look at your RSS reader.

Feeds included:

Government and political feeds
DEEWR Ministers

Minister for Education, Peter Garrett
Shadow Minister for Education, Chris Pyne

Resource and initiative feeds
Bullying No Way
School Funding News
eGovernment Resource Centre
Public Sector Innovation Toolkit
Innovations Ministerial News

Charles Darwin University News
The Centre for School Leadership, Learning and Development
Online Development at CSLLD
Research at CSLLD
Coaching at CSLLD
Cultural Awareness at CSLLD

Media Feeds
Youtube videos about schooling in the Northern Territory
Youtube videos about Learning on Country

Stephen Downes
Leigh Blackall

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