Monday, 9 July 2012

A benefit of being browser based

USB in the bottom right, Ubuntu the rest
Despite the increasing concerns over Google's browser competition and interoperability, right now, being browser based is for me a real productivity concern.

Last week, and the week before, I've been having troubles signing in to my work computer. It's not me, each time they have to come to my computer and make adjustments with their admin rights. I'm still waiting for the 3rd visit, and if I hadn't figured out another way, I wouldn't be typing here. (Probably better I hear you say!)

It just so happens I have the Ubuntu Operating System sitting on a little USB stick in my draw. Hitting F12 in the early stages of the computer start-up, gives me access to the boot sequence, where I boot Ubuntu from the USB and so avoid the Windows login where I keep getting locked out.

Ubuntu runs well from the USB, and Firefox comes installed, as does a range of Office and Graphics productivity software. Because all my work is "in the cloud" so to speak, all I need is Firefox to get me through to a day's work online and in Google Docs.

So far I've been keeping up with email, working on a service level agreement (just finished it actually), and about to do more on the Online Development Plan, the 2012/23 Budget, and the Centre wide Professional Learning Plan, just after I post this note to Blogger and yer-all. All these documents are due this week, so while I wait for the fella with admin rights to find his way to me, I'm happy progressing work through Ubuntu-on-a-stick, Firefox and Google Docs. Hell, I think I might just install it hard, and be done with it! But then I'd lose my access to that Shared Drive others keep wanting to use...

Working browser based has given me a lot of freedom and flexibility in my work, to the point where I can swap out the operating system, including running one from a USB!, and I can use my phone if I have to.


  1. What is the Centre Wide Professional Learning Plan?

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