Tuesday, 3 July 2012

CSLLD at the Reconciliation Action Plan walk

The Northern Territory Department of Education and Training become the first NT Government agency to formulate and sign a Reconciliation Action Plan. This RAP It is part of a nation wide action for reconciliation with Indigenous Australians. 

NT DET held a walk in the park to mark the occasion, and CSLLD attended in support.

Gary Fry (centre) and Suzie Peckham (Gary's head left)
Emma. Carli and Jon
Leigh and Karen

Donna and Jon
Yum food

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  1. "The Plan resolves to activities that for all intents and purposes advance consideration and open doors for Aboriginal individuals and their groups through the work we do as a group lodging supplier – in our administration conveyance with candidates and occupants, in the way we acquire administrations and in the way we utilize and bolster staff."