Friday, 20 July 2012

Outlook now running GMail

We have a breakthrough thanks to James Vreeling at the Computer Support Group at DET.  As indicated in an earlier post on this issue, proxy problems needed to be sorted to fix this. But unlike the earlier post which linked to guidance on how to configure Outlook, Google now provides a Google Apps & Outlook Sync Tool which downloads a configuration script into Outlook & migrates email, contacts, & calendar info.

Before running this tool it is important to check that the new proxy settings are first set up. They should be:

This proxy setting should be automatically set up within a few weeks. The initial setup can take up to an hour but once running seems to perform quite well. A new window appears within Outlook that monitors sync progress:

I am now testing this out but it looks like it will satisfy the needs of those people who prefer to manage their email from within Outlook.


  1. Breakthrough all right!!

    So now we just need to know how the proxy settings work for web browsing generally.. youtube uploading files.. to

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  4. Thank you for sharing this tool. It greatly helped me in managing both of my email accounts. I am an undergraduate from Payne Springs University and was looking for a solution through which I can have both of my emails at one place.