Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Update on the Open Data project

Our Open Data Projects Survey
can be filled our here: http://goo.gl/yY5zt
We've had a mild response to the Open Data Projects Survey. So far 5 responses:

  1. Linked Data for Open Government 
  2. data.cnr.it 
  3. OpenGeoscience 
  4. PROD 
  5. AusGOAL - DATA.SA
We'll now move into a phase of collecting information manually ourselves, by ringing and emailing around other known projects, as well as giving a few more prods to people we know could help us gain more responses.

Also, on the advise of a critical friend with Wikimedia, we've moved the wiki that documents our progress on the research side of this project to Wikiversity, leaving the Wikibook solely for the creation of the finished product.


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