Friday, 6 July 2012

Use caution with Google Forms

Carli and Donna have discovered an issue with Google Forms that is pretty critical. A question cannot have the same text or choices as another. It will only generate once in the corresponding spreadsheet, and collate all results into that one column.

Carli and Donna are trying to use Forms to create a group booking form, but where they ask for the titles (Mr, Mrs, Miss, Dr etc) for one person, if they ask that again for the next person, it creates only one column in the spreadsheet.

To work around this issue, they created a question "Participant 1 title, Participant 2 title, Participant 3 title" and that is enough to generate different columns for the different entries.

It's great to have more people testing out the Google Apps with us, finding issues and developing work arounds. The awareness and methods we develop here will have great value to all the other people trying to use Google Apps, such as some of the NT schools.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by Alex. We're starting to get pretty active with Googtle+ too, so that's another channel you can engage us on. It's a bit confusing working out the different identities though..