Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Manage a Google Apps user account

The badge for Managing a Google User Account
Last week, a small group of us came together for the first PLOD (Professional Learning for Online Development) to work out how to connect to CDU wireless. CDU sent 2 lovely fella along to help us. We reckoned EduRoam is the go.. and the screen grabs for doing it are in the post from last week (Thanks Emma).

This week, we're skipping Using a Browser, and going straight for Managing a Google Apps User Account. I'm referring to the Professional Learning for Online Development plan btw, where we have laid out all the skills, tasks and sorts of learning events that are needed to get good with the range of tools and systems we are deploying for Online Development into 2013. Comments and suggestions to these plans are very much encouraged.

  1. Everything relating to these plans are here.
  2. Our calendar for Professional Learning for Online Development

So, Managing a Google Apps user account. We've broken this down to 4 areas:
  1. Sign in and Email
  2. Calendar
  3. Google+
  4. Google reader
This day, we covered all but Google Reader. We'll review that and the others next week.

But first, an overview:

  1. Here's the Google Apps info pages
  2. Here's a 2007, but still relavent video (2 minutes)
  3. Here's a presentation on Why Google Apps is good for education (10 minutes)
  4. And here are some criticisms of Google Apps

NB. We're not touching Google Sites because they can't be backed up easily. Instead of Google Sites. we're using Blogger - which can be backed up easily.

Signing in and email



Google Reader

Next week...

For now:


  1. Nice.

    Looking forward to contributing if only in comments.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Alex. We're starting to get pretty active with Googtle+ too, so that's another channel you can engage us on. It's a bit confusing working out the different identities though..

  3. I'm referring to the specialized learning for online progress plan btw, where we have laid out all the skills,

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